Fall 2022 Workshops

Collaborative Writing Technologies for the English Literature Classroom

Presented by Jeff Gandell, WID Project Lead

Wednesday, September 28, 2:30-4:00 in 3F.38

This workshop will offer practical tips and tricks for designing effective collaborative writing activities for the English Literature classroom. We’ll spend a few minutes looking at Google Docs, but the bulk of the workshop will be spent demonstrating and playing with Miro, an online interactive canvas that can be used for annotation, idea-generating, and other collaborative tasks both in the classroom and at home. Miro is free, easy to use, and requires no sign-in on the part of students or collaborators. It’s an excellent way to create classroom artifacts that can serve as useful class reference materials. Miro is ideally suited to an Active Learning Classroom, but it can be employed just as effectively in any classroom environment.