Reports on Programs and Departments

Exam Preparation and Clinical Decision-making in the Dawson Nursing Program – June 2015

Graduates of all nursing programs in Canada are required to write a licensing exam at the end of their studies in order to practice their profession. In recent years, changes have occurred both within the nursing department at Dawson and external to the college that lead us to believe we needed to take a closer look at what we are doing as a faculty to help students get ready for this exam.

Review of the Social Science Integrative Seminar course in the context of Writing in the Disciplines – June 2015

We scrutinized the current state of the Social Science Integrative Seminar (IS) course through the lens of Writing in the Disciplines (WID) scholarship and Ministerial requirements. We were supported in this project by the Dawson WID program in the form of course release and consultations with Ian MacKenzie and Anne Thorpe, WID Co-directors. IS serves as the capstone course for Social Science students, culminating in a Comprehensive Exam, which is typically composed of a scholarly research paper.

Reflective Writing in Physical Education – June 2013

Student writing is instrumental in developing critical thinking about personal health choices, and in fostering an inquiry-based learning environment. In accordance with Ministerial competencies for students to “explore and meaningfully interpret” course information, the department has adopted reflective writing as a primary mode of writing in the discipline.