Post – Production Phase

This is where students get to imagine that their work has become reality.  Most have never experienced this and for many, the thrill of doing so outweighed any shyness they might have had about expressing themselves in writing.

Magazine article– A 4 hour in-class exercise in Presentation Techniques 3.  Shortly after completing a major term project for their design studio course, students were asked to create a two-page magazine layout profiling their work as it might appear in a trade publication.

Assignment hand-out

The results were as varied as their design projects with some students even choosing an interview format with themselves or their imagined client.  The final submissions still required some editing and revision, but given the time allotted to the exercise, students responded very well to the assignment criteria.

Placing the exercise at the end of term proved to be good timing.  Students verbally presented their projects to a jury later the same week and my colleagues noticed a marked improvement from previous years.  By giving them a chance to write about their work and refine their message prior to the verbal presentation, students were more confident and professional under the stress of a jury environment.  Of all the exercises developed from WID over the term, this one was by far the most successful.

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