This essay by Gabriela Goldschmidt confirmed many things for me that we as designers believe about sketching.  Its examination of how and why young children draw strongly influenced the playful approach I took in developing many of the exercises.

A technical drawing from the sketchpad of my 5-year-old nephew proved to be an invaluable teaching tool. It deserves to be shared:

This paper by Stephanie Travis of Keane University compares hand sketching to computer-assisted drawing as they relate to the creative process and critical thinking.  Her observations regarding the engagement of left-brain / right-brain hemispheres in the two activities may be of interest to anyone who believes that writing, creating, and processing information with a pen and paper is different than on a computer.

I found rubrics useful to grade many of the assignments, separating technical competencies of the software they were learning from the written components of the exercises.  I turned to the Course Frameworks (a particularity of the Quebec education system) developed by our department to establish the grading criteria: Sample Rubric