If you’ve found this site you’ve likely been directed here from the Writing in the Disciplines initiative at Dawson College.  I participated in the Faculty Writing Fellows during the Winter session of 2011.

I’m an Interior Designer by trade and made the move to teaching in 2008.  Like my colleagues, I do not come from the world of academia.  While confident in the knowledge I’d acquired from my own education and practice in the field, I felt unprepared for the reality of teaching when I suddenly took on a full course-load.  In the years since, I’ve embarked on my own educational path along with my students, learning how to teach and discovering who I am as an instructor and mentor.

I was a kid that always liked to write, became a student that loved to construct an essay, and a professional that took great care in all of my written communication.  Entering the classroom I quickly realised that most of my students did not share my passion for words.  What seemed natural to me was terrifying for most.

This portfolio represents my explorations and attempts to bring writing into my course content.  It was fun and a little scary at times – exactly what teaching should be.ni