Here is a collection of the resources that I posted in the other sections of this site:

Winter 2014 English Department Workshop

Essay Process

Essay Topics on Super Sad True Love Story

Brainstorm & Outline

Revision Notes

Presentation on Thesis Statements

Fostering Critical Thinking

Essay Topics

Exploratory Writing Exercise #1

Exploratory Writing Exercise #2

Reference Letter

Relating Novel to Students’ Lives

The Favourite Game Question Carousel

Community Poem Project

Considering Both Sides of an Issue

Annotating Group Activity


Revision Exercises

Lab 1 Presentation

Lab 1 Worksheet

Lab 2 Worksheet

Contextualizing Quotations Revision Activity

First and Last Sentences Presentation

First and Last Sentences Exercise

Peer Review Sheet



Essay Rubric




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All of the following articles (except for the Bean book) are available in the “Resources” section of Dawson’s Writing in the Disciplines website.

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Learning Through Digital Media Website

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