ah yes – genres… this is a topic to which I have already given a lot of thought; in fact, it is what enticed me into the WID program from the beginning!

I had read this chapter from Bean before we started, and I have already mentioned some of these my ideas, based on my own experience and Bean’s chapter, in our discussions (blog and meeting), so I will try to not repeat myself.

obviously, it is a topic near and dear to me. I have always played around with genres to some extents, but it was when I actually started writing fiction that many of these ideas came together. My colleague Susan Palmer and I had conceived of a religion-based mystery series as a retirement plan (we were of course going to become best-selling authors!), a way to put our education and expertise to practical use. But I hadn’t realized just how freeing it would be to write this way, and how much fun! So I started thinking about how it would be possible to bring that to my students, to start out with something that was actually fun to do, and transform it into what the academy requires.

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