3 Annotated Bibliography

The annotated bibliography requires students to review literature related to the topic of their research, with a view to develop relevant research question(s) for their study. Two readings will be taken from the syllabus and the student will choose two, for a total of four entries.

The annotated bibliography should begin with an introduction to the subject of the research and conclude with a summary of findings and two or three questions devised to direct future study. The ‘annotations’ will include: a four-sentence summary for each article, followed by four questions given rise by this material.

The assignment should demonstrate: 1) clarity in the presentation of the annotations, and the research questions devised to guide future study,2) comprehension of ideas addressed and terminology used in each article, 3) careful comparative analysis of all of the materials.

An annotated bibliography that receives a mark in the 10 – 9 range:

  • Clearly defines the research problems underlying the material under consideration
  • Demonstrates comprehension of the concepts introduced in the material reviewed and communicates these ideas and related terms succinctly and in a balanced way
  • Provides a good, comparative analysis of the material
  • Suggests relevant and compelling questions to guide future research
  • Is well written, concise and free of typos, grammar and spelling errors

8 – 7

  • Clearly defines the research problems of the materials under study
  • Appropriately summarizes the materials studied, providing definitions for key terms and concepts
  • Suggests at least one, relevant question for future study
  • Is well written, with few typos, grammar and spelling errors

6 and below

  • Introduces the subject of each reading, but does not define the research problem
  • Provides incomplete summaries
  • Is poorly written, with several typos, grammar and spelling errors