2 Oral/Group Presentation

Working in groups, each student is required to present their research project findings in a short, illustrated presentation.  Once topics are decided, the groups will be formed based on common research interests and meet early in the term to workshop individual approaches to be taken to the research, and to design the group presentations.  Though each individual is responsible for summarizing the objectives and findings of their own research in the course of the oral presentations, one member of the group must take responsibility for introducing the topic and sketching a historical context for the emergence of the movement under discussion.  Another should be prepared to offer a summary account of the whole.  The rest of the presentations should follow logically from the first and each succeeding one. Each individual presentation will be ten minutes in length; five will be given over to verbal content and five to visual.

Marks are given to the group rather than the individual, unless exceptional circumstances prevail.

Group Presentation Grading Criteria

A group presentation receiving a mark between 10 – 9:

  • offers an inspired and thorough-going introduction to the subject, one that provides a substantial historical context for the movement under discussion,
  • and a thorough summary of characteristic features of works produced within this context, with reference to key directors and films
  • has distributed the workload equally
  • is well designed
  • and all members offer original insights into their subjects are poised and prepared
  • includes well chosen, timed and presented illustrations
  • and the whole is properly introduced and concluded with a brief, synthetic sum of the parts

A presentation receiving a mark between 8 – 7:

  • offers a clear and comprehensive introduction to the subject, with reference to relevant historical factors contributing to the emergence of the movement
  • provides a good overview of key directors and the characteristic features of their works
  • has distributed the work equally
  • and is logically organized
  • has all members well versed in their subjects and well prepared for the presentation
  • includes relevant and appropriately presented illustrations

A presentation receiving a mark of 6 or below:

  • has done minimal research but does not demonstrate that the participants have digested the information
  • includes requisite definitions of key features and directors
  • and appropriate illustrations of key works