1 Blog

Students are asked to build a Blog platform to accumulate and present materials relevant to their research topic.  Content should include both visual and textual information as well as links to relevant films and resources.  The blog’s design and title should correspond to the topic of the research.  Images used in the header should reflect the aesthetic values of the movement under consideration.  5%

With a view to choose a movement to study, read the summary description about the movements listed on the research topics page and take a look at the film examples linked to each.

Once you’ve decided on a subject that interests you, take a look at the actual topic page and conduct preliminary research on the movement that most interests you using the linked and attached resources available there.

Your research at this stage should provide you with a general understanding of the historical context within which this movement took form, the important figures and organizations involved  (directors, writers, producers, critics), the key films and their characteristic features, and a sense of future research directions.  When conducting this preliminary research kept track of any questions that come to mind about the historical and cultural factors informing changes in film forms and contents.  If the movement is guided philosophically, consider where and how the principles are applied in the production.  If technical innovation has given rise to this changing, consider how these factors have affected previous standards of production—what has changed, what stays the same, what is lost?

Keep a Word document with links to any on-line materials you’ve come across in your research and a picture file on your computer.

Using WordPress, create a blog whose title and design reflect the issues and aesthetic orientation of the movement under discussion.  Add pages that correspond to the types of materials accumulated for research: Films, Readings, Stills, Links and a page for Questions, and add all the relevant material.

Blog Grading Criteria

A blog in the 5 – 4 mark range:

  • is appropriately titled and uses a theme that corresponds visually to the aesthetic of the movement under discussion
  • is well organized using pages, rather than postings as the organizing structure, and includes a variety of relevant visual and textual materials, on site and via links
  • includes an introduction to the blog that summarizes the blog’s interests in a clear and concise manner
  • includes questions on the ‘readings’ page that lists one question for every article posted
  • has error free and original textual content

A blog earning 3:

  • is well titled  and organized using pages instead of postings as the organizing structure
  • includes a good sampling of visual and textual materials related to the subject on site and/or via links
  • includes questions on the ‘readings’ page
  • is well written, with few grammatical or stylistic errors