The Soundscape assignment asks students to produce a sound work that ‘adds value’ to the photo project done earlier in the term.  Using a recording medium of your own choice (audio recorder, answering machine, voice-mail, cell, internet download), you are asked to collect sounds that communicate a coherent idea or value about the space described in the image series. The sound collection can include voice elements and musical phrases but is not meant to take form as a traditional musical score. Students are responsible for finding, selecting and mastering the recording technology used and finding a means to present it to the class and to me.  As with the photo project, students should consider the organization of the sound elements and their formal characteristics—consider amplitude (fullness), direction/space, timbre (descriptive qualities), duration, rhythm. (10%)

Once again, students are required to write an artist’s statement describing the theme, and formal considerations of the sound project.  As before, the statement should be well written and make use of the appropriate language to describe the formal features of the sounds.  The statements should be 250 words each, typed and double-spaced and submitted in hard-copy. (5%)

Soundscape Grading Criteria

A sound project in the 10 – 9  mark range:

  • Offers an original, striking and suggestive characterization of the spatial dimensions of the world represented in the visual work
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the expressive function of sound in storytelling through the use of varied, appropriately organized and well-modulated sound elements
  • Develops and presents a clear and consistent thematic on both descriptive and formal levels
  • Is well titled and carefully presented

A sound project in the 8 – 7 mark range:

  • Offers a clear and coherent characterization of space described in the visual work
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the expressive function of through the use of varied sound elements
  • Maintains descriptive and formal coherence throughout the piece
  • Is appropriately titled and carefully presented

A project that receives a grade of 6 and below:

  • Poorly represents its subject/theme
  • Demonstrates an appreciation of sound as a descriptive medium, but is formally inconsistent or too literal
  • Untitled and/or careless in its presentation

Statement Grading Criteria

A statement in the 5 -4 mark range:

  • Offers a nuanced reflection on both narrative and formal thematic
  • Makes proper use of cinematic language to discuss elements of composition and mise-en-scène
  • Is well organized, clear and logical in the presentation of ideas
  • Has no need to correct grammar, punctuation or style

A statement of 3 and below:

  • Provides an explanation of the narrative features of the project, but little or no discussion of form
  • Uses little of cinematic language to discuss the work
  • Has moderate to serious flaws in grammar, punctuation and style