01 Weekly Responses

The purposes of the weekly response exercise are: 1) to make use of new concepts and terminology related to film studies, as they are learned; and 2) to improve written expression and critical thinking through writing practice.

Each of the five assignments is worth 3% of the term’s mark, for a total of 15%.  Each assignment sheet will outline the problem to be addressed and the required form of response (i.e. a commentary, an analysis, the identification of relevant techniques).  My evaluation does not correct for grammar or spelling, though I expect students to present their ideas clearly and well; I may, on occasion, comment on the strengths and weaknesses of the thinking and writing.

The system of evaluating these assignments involves plusses (+), checks (✓), and minuses (−).

(+) = 3/3   Thorough knowledge of the concept is demonstrated and the terminology used well. The response includes unique insights into the material screened, originality and care in written expression. This is excellent work, beyond the stated criteria/expectations for the exercise.

(✓) = 2/3   A good grasp of the concepts and the terminology is properly used. The film clip has been well observed and the response to it is well written. The work meets expectations BUT could be pushed further were the insights and their manner of expression more original and/or refined.

(−) = 1/3   An incomplete response to the question; some ideas are reasonable, others weak. The relationship of film form to story content is not satisfactorily addressed. It may be exhibit numerous errors in spelling and grammar.