WID Spring Institute 2019 – Connect & Collaborate: Dawson Faculty Initiatives

May 21, 1.30-3.30pm – CoLab 3F.43

This year’s WID Spring Institute will be devoted to an afternoon of brainstorming and planning with WID’s sister Dawson initiatives DALC, SALTISE, UDL and E-Learning.  2019-20 will mark WID’s tenth year of activities, and this year’s Institute offers an opportunity to pause, reflect and innovate:  Collectively, what progress have we made in offering Dawson teachers evidence-based approaches to improving teaching and learning?  What new directions and collaborative projects would we like to pursue over the next ten?  If you’ve been a Fellow in any one of these initiatives, join us on May 21 for a interactive afternoon of ideas and possibilities.  RSVP to Ian MacKenzie by May 17.

Insitute Agenda

a. Brainstorming: What have we accomplished? Where are we going next?

b. Inkshedding: Refining insights, identifying priorities

c. Prototyping: Innovating new structures and strategies

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