Critical Thinking and Writing for New and Interactive Media

Cinema and Communications WID Project W2018

Cinema and Communications and WID are collaborating on a Winter 2018 WID Department Project under the leadership of Cheryl Simon and Myriam Rafla.  Cheryl and Myriam responded to the annual Call for Proposals with a detailed project plan to develop resources to support effective teaching strategies for new and interactive media.  Read an excerpt from their proposal below, and watch here for updates on the project.

“Working with new and expanding media content and platforms (on-line, interactive and 3D storytelling) requires the rethinking of traditional storytelling and writing practices, and also needs take into consideration the ethical, political and social implications of expanded and adapted media applications. This is still a relatively new media environment so teaching in this area is limited by the availability of curricular models and documentary resources.

The proposed project aims to redress the absence of resources by developing evaluative tools and gathering relevant documentary materials to be used in teaching about writing, creation and critical thinking in new and interactive media. The project will unfold through the review of relevant literature on new media (practices, ethics, social and political implications), as well as a survey of available materials and resources, and the testing and application of instructional approaches for teaching.

The project brings together two teachers in the Cinema and Communication department, Cheryl Simon and Myriam Rafla, to develop and gather these new curricular and documentary materials. The collaborators pool expertise from a range of media and communication fields, including scriptwriting for traditional and new media, experimental documentary practices, new media and installation art, art criticism, linguistics, languages, technology and Writing in the Disciplines.”

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