New Teaching Portfolios: Sonia Zylberberg, Religion

Over the course of the WID fellowship, I came across many ideas that caught my interest and enthusiasm.  In thinking about my WID portfolio, I realized I wanted to put into practice all (or at least some) of these, and that, in fact, a portfolio was the ideal framework within which to do so.

So… my portfolio is a portfolio.

A portfolio is both a framework and a container. It provides a focus for the thinking and writing and, then, the fabric that holds the various focused “texts” together.

One of the ideas that impressed me most  from the WID readings and discussions was the importance of audience – to get the students engaged in what they are writing by having them address actual people and situations that mattered to them, not just writing for the teacher to get a grade. I was already using a variety of genres, and hypothesized that the addition of audience would increase engagement for the students. I decided to play with different audiences and different genres, in the hope that each student would be reached at least once.

The context is my “Intro to World Religions” course, which has a theme of religious pluralism: How different religions can co-exist, peacefully for the most part, in today’s Montreal/Quebec/Canadian multicultural and multi-faith society.

The portfolio I designed is made up of six parts: each one addressing a different question, reading, genre, and audience. The sixth one is a comprehensive assessment in which the student rereads his/her previous texts, and reflects on the way these contribute to an overall picture for her/him.

To view all my assignment ideas, view my complete portfolio here.

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