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New Teaching Portfolios: Carmen Cristea, Français

WID a été pour moi à la fois un vrai défi et une grande opportunité. Si je devais résumer en quelques mots ce que cette expérience m’a apporté, ce serait tout d’abord une grande ouverture d’esprit. Il s’agit ouverture d’esprit au niveau de pratiques d’enseignement, mais aussi en ce qui [...]

New Teaching Portfolios: Sonia Zylberberg, Religion

Over the course of the WID fellowship, I came across many ideas that caught my interest and enthusiasm.  In thinking about my WID portfolio, I realized I wanted to put into practice all (or at least some) of these, and that, in fact, a portfolio was the ideal framework within [...]

Physics-WID Project: Spring Update

Over the W17 semester, Nadim Boukhira and Jean-François Brière have been creating and refining physics lab activities that simulate authentic scientific inquiry. The project began with interviews with student focus groups, and the gathering of input on how current Science students perceive "cookbook" approaches to lab assignments.  A majority of [...]


August 2017

Dawson Pedagogical Day – October 13, 2017

“What is Next Generation Learning?”  – Keynote Address by Dr. Randy Bass, Georgetown University

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