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Writing in Student-centered Alternative Education

College Writing and Authentic Student Voices: In the Words of New School Students New School at Dawson is an alternative school within the College. Founded in 1973, New School is the Quebec CEGEP system’s longest running alternative school, and we follow a critical humanistic education approach in English and Humanities [...]

WID Spring Institute 2019 – Connect & Collaborate: Dawson Faculty Initiatives

May 21, 1.30-3.30pm - CoLab 3F.43 This year’s WID Spring Institute will be devoted to an afternoon of brainstorming and planning with WID’s sister Dawson initiatives DALC, SALTISE, UDL and E-Learning.  2019-20 will mark WID’s tenth year of activities, and this year’s Institute offers an opportunity to pause, reflect and [...]


WID Teaching Portfolios Spring 2019

Vanessa Gordon (Political Science) shares her take on The Slow Professor and what it means for how she handles student writing.

Julian Nemeth (History/Humanities) considers the importance of audience, voice and motivation in the design of writing activities and assignments.

Greg Polakoff (Humanities) presents his approach to using creative assignments for academic purposes.

Paul Hawkins (English) presents his case for new approaches to classic texts.

Melanie Doyle (Psychology) gives an account of her evolving teaching practices.

Mari Heywood asks New School students whether college writing permits them to speak in their own voices.

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